Digital Marketing Strategy
About WebIXI
IXI believes that digital marketing can be leveraged to level the playing field for small businesses and non-profits.  We created our digital marketing programs for organizations that are looking for improved, measurable results from their marketing efforts.

IXI takes an affordable “growth hacking” approach to address your marketing deficiencies; with a method of prioritization to fit any marketing budget. Unlike other web developers, WebIXI provides a post-launch ongoing strategy to make your website work for you. And unlike a full time marketing hire, our Digital Marketing Strategist Program provides the expertise of many different inbound marketing positions, to achieve your specific, prioritized goals.

IXI also understands that digital marketing hasn’t replaced the need for all forms of traditional marketing.   We know the value of investing in brand promotion, and integrating your offline and online marketing strategies.  We have access to thousands of promotional items that can be customized to help your brand stand out as memorable and unique.

IXI provides marketing and business development services for clients in our community of Harford County, MD — as well as nonprofit clients nationwide.

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