CRM & All-In-One Marketing Platform

CRM & All-In-One Marketing Platform

Are you using several sales/marketing tools to manage your prospects and clients?

Does using multiple platforms make it difficult to locate data and make useful, relevant, connections between the data in each of the systems?

Sales and marketing teams use many tools to execute and track their campaigns — all of which address the  goal of connecting with target markets and fueling growth. These tools support objectives including, but not limited to, tracking leads and customers, publishing new website content to boost traffic and drive engagement, sending emails to segmented contact lists, etc. Your sales and marketing team likely will also pull regular data and activity reports that they can share with management and other departments.
Typically, these activities require them to toggle between different marketing tools: one for customer relationship management, one for website content management and one for email marketing management etc.  This scattered approach not only wastes your time jumping between platforms — it makes it difficult to locate information and make important, relevant connections between  data in those systems.

Investing in an all-in-one marketing platform will:

  1. Minimize time wasted and operational costs. Salespeople and marketers have the means to be more productive with all information included under one umbrella. There is also less technology upkeep, and institutional knowledge loss with staff turnover.
  2. Make it easier to access and digest data. When data operate in silos, marketing and sales teams must manually piece together analytics for a holistic view of the customer journey. For instance, an email marketing platform may tell you that a prospective customer opened and clicked the CTA on your latest email. But when did that prospect first visit your website? What, if any, communications have they had with the sales team up to this point?
  3. Create a more collaborative environment. When sales and marketing functions are tightly aligned, research shows businesses enjoy a 38% higher win rate for sales and a 36% higher customer retention rate.
  4. Streamline business security measures. Eliminating data silos with an all-in-one marketing platform creates a more secure environment. From one comprehensive tool, marketers and sales teams can maintain a clear overview of the customer data they’ve collected and currently store.
  5. Optimize the user experience to boost sales. An all-in-one marketing platform provides comprehensive data results in a frictionless user experience where prospects and customers feel understood and ultimately develop a sense of trust with the business

What is IXI’s All-In-One Marketing Platform?

IXI’s All-In-One Marketing Platform is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built on the GoHighLevel platform designed to help marketing agencies attract and retain more clients & customers. We have been using GoHighLevel for a few years.

Within that framework, IXI has pre-configured a CRM and Marketing Management solution for small businesses and non-profit organizations to provide a huge jumpstart and reduce the learning curve for you tremendously.  GoHighLevel technical support and access to IXI’s marketing expertise are included in your subscription.

The system will help your business grow by providing for improved:

  • Customer retention
  • Lead conversions and acquisition
  • Sales funnel management
  • Sales & marketing synergy
  • and other top-tier functionalities

IXI’s All-In-One Marketing Platform Overview

  • Integrated messaging tools (Email, SMS, Social Media) for seamless communication with your leads and customers.
  • Pre-designed templates to help customize your email marketing campaigns.
  • A built-in calendar to let you schedule and book appointments — and alternatively allow prospects to schedule the appointment
  • Create surveys, landing pages, and forms in an instant.
  • Integrate reputation management platforms to increase your number of reviews.
  • Built in 3rd party integration with popular payment processing and social media platforms.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and pipeline-building functionalities to boost your lead generation campaigns.
  • Analytics tools to help collect data and review effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Lead generation: Create Landing pages, surveys, and forms
  • CRM and sales pipeline management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Call recording and auditing
  • Automate your digital marketing tasks
  • Host online courses and any active campaign
  • Synchronize your schedule with Google or Outlook calendars
  • Set automated appointment reminders to avoid no shows
  • Run video testimonial campaigns

Key features include:

  • CRM and pipeline management
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Website Builder
  • Surveys and forms builder
  • Email marketing
  • 2-way SMS marketing
  • Bookings and appointments
  • Workflow automation
  • Course building and hosting
  • Call tracking
  • Forced calls and voicemail drops
  • Reputation management
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Extensive help and support service


Replace other costly applications as illustrated below (or have them integrated!)

Let’s Talk About It!

We are currently setting up appointments to discuss our All-In-One Marketing Platform!  Let’s schedule a Zoom call to see if it’s a good fit for you!


Intuitive Dashboard and User Interface

    • Clean interface that gives you a bird’s eye view of how your marketing campaigs are performing
    • Detailed reports of your conversion rates, enabling you to determine strategies to perfect what’s working and modify efforts that are not working.
    • Other details on the dashboard include:
      • Your marketing pipeline breakdown
      • How your leads are moving down the sales funnels
      • Your email marketing campaigns value
      • Opportunities in your sales funnel

Marketing Automation

      • SMS & Chat: These enable you to power your SMS marketing campaigns with custom text templates. You can use this function with Smart Lists to target a specific customer base with personalized texts
      • Engage your customers through two-way text conversation inside your the dashboard
      • Add a chat widget to your site and automate your Facebook Messenger ads, giving you more avenues to reach leads and clients.
      • Create and launch automated marketing campaigns based on your leads list
      • Create automations for events caused by triggers on your website or within the CRM

Sales Funnel and Landing Page Builder

      • Build high-converting sales funnels quickly at a fraction of the cost of other sales funnel builders. Migrate your ClickFunnels to your funnel sites with just a few clicks
      • Drag-and-drop landing page builder allows you to set up highly engaging landing pages, forms, and multi-step funnels
      • Spend less time building your landing page and focus on onboarding clients
      • Pre-installed landing page templates

Calendars and Appointment Setting Tools

      • Automate your appointments to create a schedule that works for you and your business
      • Besides allowing you to set up clients’ and prospect’s meetings, the calendar can also direct people to your appointment booking page. All you need to do is add a widget on your website and set automations depending on your calendar events

Power Dialer

      • Make phone calls right inside your dashboard
      • Set up a 3-way call and transfer calls
      • Implement an outbound call cue. That way, the call is transferred to the next available number if there’s no answer on the first attempt. The call will then be added to the queue in two hours if there is no response from the second number, and so on.
      • Call tracking and recording. Replace applications like Call Tracking Metrics or CallRail

Two-Way SMS Marketing

      • You can send and receive marketing SMS texts directly from the platform and mobile app
      • Request payments via SMS using the Text 2 Pay feature
      • Add an integrated Chat-To-Text widget on your website

Email Marketing

      • Innovative drag-and-drop email builder designed to help users create custom emails to leads and clients
      • Coordinate texts, emails, voicemails, and other tools to ensure the best possible results
      • Send broadcast emails
      • Set up email automations
      • Import and export your email list
      • Create templates for your email and SMS marketing campaigns
      • Manage your list
      • Coordinate your calling, SMS, voicemail drops, and email campaigns
      • Build an email list and create forms
      • Create surveys to segment your website visitors and list
      • Create triggers to initiate your campaigns depending on your prospects’ actions and behaviors
      • Create database reactivating campaigns

Reputation Management

      • Keep track of your business’s online reviews and send out review requests
      • Generate positive feedback for your organization and, by extension, attract new customers

Membership Sites

      • Create gated content requiring prospects to exchange their contact or details for access, such as online courses
      • Build a membership site landing page and integrate it into your website, sales funnels, and online marketing tools

Accurate and Detailed Analytics

      • Google Ads: Enables you to determine the impact of your Google ad campaigns, including clicks, view-through, cost per conversion, average PPC, and more.
      • Facebook Ads: Allows you to track timeline impressions per campaign. Plus, you can integrate GoHighLevel with your Facebook account to monitor your ROI
      • Attribution Report: You can access the core of your marketing efforts right on the dashboard, including contacts, closed revenue, traffic sources, opportunities closed, and total sessions
      • Call Reporting: You can group your calls into categories such as latest calls, call sources, answered, first-time calls, etc
      • Appointment Reporting: Track every appointment and booking