Google Grants for Nonprofits

Google Grants for Nonprofits

google-grantsGoogle Grants Onboarding

During the onboarding phase, WebIXI will assist the nonprofit organization by…

Campaign Pre-Launch Activities:

  • Applying for the Google Grants Program:  We will assist the nonprofit organization in applying for the grant itself.
  • Goal Definition:  Help define your campaign goals and set an expected metric tohit.  Defining goals will help you to determine how successful your campaign is.
  • Competitive Analysis:  Analyze what your competitors are doing in terms of PPC for similar topics you are going after.
  • Audience Definition & Campaign Settings:  Make sure your location, device and time targeting are set to reach the right people at the right time in the right place.  Google Grant restrictions can make this challenging in some cases.
  • Keyword Research:  The success of any campaign depends on thorough keyword research  Start at a high level and search for all relevant keywords, then choose the most relevant search terms within our ideal parameters.
  • Conversion Tracking Setup:  Making sure that we are tracking the conversions that are most relevant to the goals we’ve set.

Campaign Organization Activities:

  • Campaign Organization / Naming:  Separate campaigns should be built based on a number of factors that depend on your product, website and goals.
  • Grouping Keywords in Ad Groups:  Campaign structure does not have a one size fits all solution.  Utilizing ad groups to organize your ads by a common theme can help with both organization and quality score optimization.
  • Managing Cross Group Negatives:  Sometimes, ad groups will compete with one another.  Adding cross group negative keywords to the appropriate ad groups can help prevent this.
  • Creating Ads:  Writing compelling copy with a clear and prominent call-to-action is crucial to the success of your ads.
  • Ad Extensions:  Get the most out of your spend and inlcude every ad extension that is relevant to our organization and campaign goals.
  • Setting up A/B Testing:  Set up our ad groups accordingly and establish an ad rotation that ensures that we will get sufficient data on our variables.


Google Grants Management

Once our account is created and optimized, we can continue to manage the Google Grants campaigns on a monthly basis to make sure that the account is following the rules of the program, while maximizing the campaign spend offered by Google.  If done correctly, Google can consider increasing our monthly campaign spend from $10,000 to a maximum of $40,000.

During the management phase, WebIXI will…

  • Check on the Search Terms:  By utilizing reports in Adwords, we will be able to monitor the actual search queries our ads are displaying for.  Occasionally we will find that our ads are displaying for search queries that don’t specifically apply to us – we will add those terms as cross-group negative keywords in order to ensure it stops happening.
  • Checking and Researching Keywords:  Monitoring which keywords are still performing well and which should be replaced with new ones.
  • Creating New Ads / Replacing Poor Performers:  Analyzing campaign performance and replacing poor performing ads with new ones.
  • Review the Performance Data:  Analyze how well the ad campaigns performed.  A monthly data overview report will be emailed to the client.  Each quarter, we will go through a detailed analysis of the data with the client.
  • Refine Landing Pages:  Do we have some ads with a high click through rate and low conversion rates?  We may need to adjust the landing page itself in order to better optimize for the new traffic.


Google Grants for Nonprofits may be a good fit for your organization if:

  • Your organization needs help with branding or bringing awareness for your services
  • Your nonprofit needs help reaching your desired target market
  • You could use up to $10,000 per month in free PPC campaign spend funding
We offer several solutions in terms of Google Analytics Consulting, including
  • Insight, Analysis and Reporting
    • Let us delve into your data and analyze the results for you!
  • Audits of existing Google Analytics accounts – concerned that your Google Analytics account isn’t setup properly or completely? Let us audit your existing setup.
  • Google Analytics account setup and configurations
  • General Consulting on Google Analytics